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​ Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.​

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Young Life's beginning in Los Alamos...

Although Young Life nationally started in 1941, Los Alamos Young Life started in 1976 when a Young Life staff person from Albuquerque saw a need. In '88 Mark Henjum became the first staff person in Los Alamos. ​ He served for 10 years here building upon what others had already began. In 1998 Ryan Gilbert, and his wife Amy, moved to Los Alamos to continue reaching out to disinterested and unchurched teenagers. Young Life has been here ever since. Over the years leaders have come from nearly every church to serve in this mission. Young Life has met in a number of different places to aid in adult involvement, community support, vision, & growth.


Ministries and 4+ cities are impacted by Young Life staff and leaders in New Mexico/ El Paso Region.

Today, Young Life is a global organization with local focus. You'll find Young Life leaders from diverse cultures, nationalities and backgrounds in over 100 countries around the world. In our region (New Mexico and El Paso), together we have Young Life, WyldLife, Young Life College, and YoungLives.


young people are known by a Young Life or WyldLife leader here in Los Alamos

Leaders are consistently giving their lives away to the young people of our community. ​ We come alongside teens, earning the right to be heard & building bridges of friendship in order to tell them the greatest news ever; namely the "we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do," Ephesians 2:10. ​ There are currently 9 Adult leaders and 6 student leaders with both Young Life and WyldLife.


Kids involved weekly

in Young Life or WyldLife Club or Campaigners this semester alone. Club is our weekly event that is chaotic, fun, adventurous, and engaging. ​ It is a place where every HS or MS kid is welcome and there is no requirement to be there. Leaders and kids work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere that hopefully allows for the "good news" to be heard.

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What We're Up To in Young Life...

You Were Made For This


Your story matters, and it can make a difference beyond what you imagine.

Volunteer your time to work directly with young people.

Support the staff and leaders as part of the local adult committee.

Give resources to start or sustain the financial foundation at the local or national level.